What Is the Iwaki-Odori?

The Iwaki-Odori is Iwaki's signature summer event.
Revelers take to the streets throughout its many districts like Nakoso, Yotsukura, Onahama and Izumi Districts, and in the heart of the town right in front of JRIwaki Station.
The Iwaki-Odori was created in 1981 to commemorate 15 years since the city's founding. The idea was to create a simple dance that anyone could sing, dance and enjoy together.
At the dance, you can see the people of Iwaki proudly swathed in traditional clothing, dancing down the street with their voices rising up together to sing, "Donwasse!"
During the massive festival the street turns into a swirl of energy and dancing where people can enjoy themselves and enjoy watching others.

【Nakoso District】

■Where: Ueda Patio St.
■When: Late July
■Contact: Nakoso Summer Festival Executive Committee, Tel: 0246-63-6521

【Yotsukura District】

■Where: Yotsukura Port to the plaza in front of JR Yotsukura Station
■When: Late July
■Contact: Yotsukura Summer Festival Executive Committee, Tel: 0246-32-2900

【Onahama District】

■Where: Taira Onahama Prefectural Highway
■When: Early August
■Contact: Iwaki-Hanabi-Taikai Executive Committe, Tel: 0246-53-5677
■HP: http://www.iwakihanabi.com/odori.html

【Taira District】

■Where:JR Iwaki Station Road
■When: Early August
■Contact: Iwaki Odori Executive Committee, Tel: 0246-44-6545

【Izumi District】

■Where:JR Izumi Station to Iwaki Computer College
■When: Mid-October
■Contact: Izumi Hometown Festival Executive Committee (Izumi Community Center), Tel: 0246-56-6045