Natsuigawa Ravine

The Natsuigawa Ravine presents 15 kilometers of scenery straight out of a Japanese movie with beautiful and dramatic contrasts between its waterfalls and deep pools. Established as Natsuigawa Ravine Prefectural Natural Park in March, 1953, it offers a changing scene from season to season. You can enjoy the splendor of its seasonal sights from the window of the JR Ban'etsu East Line, from its fields of akayashio in spring to the autumn leaves in fall. The name Kagoba Waterfall supposedly comes from the story of a Taira feudal lord stopping his "kago" (a traditional Japanese royal carriage) to take in the stunning scenery.

Viewing seasons
Akayashio: Early to mid-April
Autumn leaves: Late October to mid-November
From Kamiogawa, Ogawa-machi , Iwaki to Kawamae
By car: About 30 minutes from Joban Expressway Iwaki Chuo Interchange.
By public transportation: Get off at JR Eda Station on the JR Ban'etsu East Line and walk for about 40 minutes to the Nishiki Lookout.
Warning when strolling:
There is no walking path in the Natsuigawa Ravine, so it is better to view the natural beauty from your car window or the area around the parking lot, rather than getting out of your car and walking.
Prefectural Road 41 is narrow and in some places it is hard to get around oncoming cars. Please be especially careful of large sightseeing buses.