The weeping cherry blossom tree of Ogawa Suwa Shrine

Ogawa Suwa Shrine has a weeping cherry blossom tree that is over 500 years old and is designated as a natural monument by the city of Iwaki.
It stands at 11.5 meters with a trunk circumference of 3.6 meters. It begins blooming usually at the beginning of April, ahead of the Yoshino cherry trees on Iwaki's streets. The middle of the month is the best time to see it.
There is a cherry blossom festival held at the shrine during its peak viewing season where the stone steps and path to the shrine are lit up with bamboo lanterns and illumination. Japanese court music is played and tea is served.
The festival offers an almost hallucinatory experience.

Zip code
140-1 Ienomae, Takahagi, Ogawa-machi, Iwaki
By car: About 15 minutes by car from Joban Expressway Iwaki Chuo Interchange.
By public transportation: Get off at JR Ogawago Station on the JR Ban'etsu East Line and walk for about 15 minutes.